(from the introduction of “being: the bottom line”)

The bottom line is Being.

Being awake or being asleep are actually beside the point.

Usually the idea is that dialogues such as these have the specific purpose of bringing about enlightenment, awakening, liberation – whatever the term used for that – which is deemed to be escape from (or transcendence of) identification as a suffering individual.

But our true nature is always Being and doesn’t require any
enlightenment or awakening. – It simply is already, whether there’s identification or not. In the play of life, whenever there is identification, the story tends to be about improving what is in some way. And when that takes the form of the search for awakening, the focus usually falls on getting rid of the sense of individuality, as though it were somehow wrong or unreal. But if there’s a sense of individuality and a story about seeking to be rid of it, then precisely that is reality. Being has no requirements whatsoever. Nothing needs to be changed or attained in order to be. This present appearance is already the perfect expression of Being and cannot be avoided.

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