Daily Log 10-5-20

The Paradox

Despite the realization that there is no self in the control tower, the “narrator” holds the steering wheel. This feels familiar, and is an assumed reality shared almost exclusively by those reflecting and talking about the subject.

Let’s assume the No-Self-Reality as a working hypothesis – and acknowledge the Narrator as the instance habitually referred to as the Personal Self . Conceptually this distinction clarifies the paradox to the degree that it operates with language that is nuanced and deliberate.

The No-Self Reality

Now that the Narrator is seen for what it is, misconceptions stop as the fog lifts, allowing Truth to shine through the veil of interpretations and perceptions.

Reset to Now

So here we are! – Rid of the ballast of the past, cleared of the mental constructs, such as assumptions and speculations, smack in the middle of the here-and-now. Leaving it all behind, letting it all go, and simply being here, now.

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