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From his LinkedIn Profile

From his LinkedIn Profile


I am a senior executive sales professional with over 25 years of experience in global chemical operations in water and waste water treatment and remediation, recycling, distillation, ethanol, neutral alcohol, organic alcohol, organic farming, pulp and paper, petrochemical refineries and allied chemical industries, decontamination of hazardous and toxic materials, renewable biofuels and renewable energy generation, carbon capture and sequestration. I’ve worked for both American and international businesses on building new markets, revenue generation and account management.

I’m currently the Co Founder, CEO of MYTY in which we are a global unicorn green company with over usd $4 Billion dollars in assets focused on creating Private, Public Partnerships with individuals, groups, non for profits, businesses and local, state, and federal governments to franchise our technologies to clean a minimum of a billion gallons of water and producing millions of pounds of organic fertilizer and renewable energy creating green local manufacturing jobs in each community throughout America and the World.
Please Contact us at www.myty.us for more information. 

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Co-Founder, CEO

Sep 2019 – Present

MYTY® is an American Unicorn Green Chemical and Renewable Energy Company with over usd $4 Billion in assets and a reserve of over 400 million tons of our patend green polymers and processes for discontaminating drinking water, wastewater, soil and air, the production of organic fertilizer, and the production, storage, and distribution of clean energy to include wind, solar, and waste to energy biomass.

We franchise our technology and processes to both public entities and private companies throughout the U.S. and globally.


Michael appears also associated with Trinet: Website Here

CR Love Agency

Managing Partner- SAAS HR Software

Dates Employed: Jun 2016 – Present

Providing outstanding, award winning premier Oracle PeopleSoft cloud based SAAS software for small, medium-sized, and mid-market businesses.

Complete personalized customer SaaS/cloud based HR solution, with technology integration and implementation: including Client Demo and Employee Training, Human Resources Management, Payroll & Taxes, 401k, Fortune 50 Caliber Medical Insurance, Time and Attendance, Performance Management, Recruitment, Expense Management, and customized API integrations.

Working with C-Level Executives in Technology, Professional Services, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Retail, P&C Insurance Brokers, Employee Benefits Brokers, and their Clients to help stabilize their human capital expenses, mitigate risk, and provide state of the art HR SaaS technology and administration through our PEO bundled offering.


Matrix Distilleries

Co-founder, Inernational Director of Sales and Marketing

Dates Employed: Dec 2011 – Present

Location:Taquaritinga Area, Brazil

Directly responsible for the International Sales and Marketing of our ethanol and patented multi distilled ultra premium organic distilled products including the Thara and Sarada brands.
• Research and development, product formulations, and commercialization of new 100% natural flavored alcoholic beverages.
• Responsible for all national (Brazil) and international licenses(US) which include, Anvisa, MOA, CETESB, Radar, and FDA.

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  • No derogatory information has surfaced thus far
  • Michael seems to be quite knowledgeable in Human Resource type software
  • Further details about his bio/education can be looked up on his impressive LinkedIn Account (must have an account to view)