The Dance

Connecting and interacting with other beings – call it a dance

As unique creatures in form, in this body-mind – we move in different ways

In the context of “overlap” and shared “experience” there is a sweet rapport ………

Can we let go of the conditions, concerns, worries, expectations we typically bring to the party?

Can we just be, share and enjoy the dance that unfolds naturally, spontaneously?
How sweet life can be – when we allow the energies to move within, through and around us………

The senses register touch, sound, imagery – and embed them into the stories that make the fabric of our lives

And yet, beyond all the hubbub the mind allows to bubble up – there is that being – beyond time and space

Call it white or black space – call it presence, god or samadhi – it is the source of all being, now and forever …………

All is well – in the eternal now

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