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  • source from where the nature of being is explored, experienced and documented
  • expressions and creations are reduced to language, imagery, videos, quotes from masters, wizards and all those pointing to the ONE

  • intends to hold focus on the presence (now)
  • realizes that what is alive is always taking place in the now
  • hence it is seen that “now” is really all that ever was, is and will be
  • “here” implies that there is no “there”
  • what follows is insight in the illusionary nature of time and space: There is only here-and-now

  • is an experimental site – implementing newly discovered tools to publish on the WordPress platform

  •  links digital creation with analog experimentation with form & color
  • a sandbox environment where the predominantly visual/auditory medium on the web is producing material that has an odor, consistency and exists in a 3D real time environment: studiopeter