“When you truly step into the abyss of no-self, you become something more like a force of nature. – By saying “a force of nature,” I don’t mean to imply anything big or grand. I mean that you are then a selfless expression of the whole.

Not even that “you” become a selfless expression of the whole, but rather that being a selfless expression of the whole is all that’s left of you. There will be no feeling of being in service. There will only be service, but without the servant.

You see, true selflessness is not a virtue in a conventional or even spiritual sense. Selflessness does not feel like being selfless or inspired or empty or vast or spiritual, although it can appear as any of these things in the same way that the weather can change from day to day.

Selflessness is even beyond the experience of unity. It is the source of unity, of our experience of creation. It is also beyond God, or whatever name that we have replaced “God” with. In selflessness, the numinous ground isn’t a place we visit and experience from time to time. It is our being beyond being. It is to be that which you can never think of, conceive, or imagine—even, and especially when, selflessness becomes your living reality.”                            Adyashanti – 2018 – “A Revolution of Being”