peter reck – a label for a human being – with a biography as the foundation of a personal story – with an egoic mind, continually creating talking points based on conditioning: Beliefs, assumptions, convictions, speculations, imaginations…………..all-in-all creating a “dream”, that prevents the experience of what *truly is*

imagine what it might feel like to relate to one another without those layers of assumed identity, without a standpoint to defend, without any creed, gospel and faith based conviction….what does that feel like?

what is going on?

consider for a moment what it is like to drop all the labels – put aside all the mental constructs and antics built up over the years – and sit back to simply notice what remains?


as a human being, living in the “dream” of the “personal self”, there appears the possibility of waking up: The discovery of beingness that is present, omnipresent, that transcends the illusion of being a separate self, is shining through as truth and reality. The straight jacket of the conditioned mind is taken off, when a being is liberating from its artificial perceptions, as its mental filters are dropped and the magnificence of authentic being is experienced.

what now?

putting one foot in front of the other – taking one breath at the time, continually “looking” at what is going on while the mind is busy imagining, fabricating, speculating. And from there, a choice is available, in each moment, whether to analyze, to criticize, to judge, or, whether to allow it all to be just as it is!

and finally………

muddling along, fiercely asserting standpoints, eagerly hustling to get our way, what will it take for this author, to let his hair down, put the feet up, lean back and realize, that at the end of the day, it is what it is?